Smokeless Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes, and Vapor Cigarettes.

One of the most talked about items to hit the market recently is electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is a small device which is similar in dimensions to a real cigarette. It generally has a hard shell and contains a few major parts. It is equipped with an internal battery, a cartridge, and an atomizer. The cartridge contains a mixture of liquid nicotine which is converted into vapor by the atomizer. This is all powered by a battery, which is generally rechargeable.


The result is a device which functions just like a conventional cigarette, but without the hazardous chemicals. The vapor which is produced from an electronic cigarette contains only nicotine, water, and vaporized glycol, a harmless alcohol. It does not contain any of the harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals found in conventional cigarette smoke. It is a common misconception that nicotine itself is hazardous. This is entirely untrue. Nicotine, alone, is considered by the medical industry to be no more dangerous than caffeine.


It is the other chemicals present in a standard cigarette that are so dangerous such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, magnesium, and nitrosamines. These are the additives and the byproducts that are produced from the burning of a standard cigarette, and they are extremely harmful. Electronic cigarettes solve this problem by delivering only pure nicotine in vapor form. These benefits carry over to those nearby as well. There is no dangerous secondhand smoke being produced. Experts in the medical field have been extremely supportive of electronic cigarettes, due to the absence of hazardous carcinogens. As stated, nicotine itself is not a dangerous chemical, so there are massive benefits from switching to electronic cigarettes.


In addition to the benefits from electronic cigarettes, they are also extremely convenient. Because there is no combustion taking place, the vapor from an electronic cigarette is completely odorless. It won't leave horrible yellow stains on clothing, teeth, or inside automobiles. It can even be used in areas where conventional smoking is prohibited. This allows the user to enjoy an electronic cigarette at work, in a restaurant, or even on an airplane. Electronic cigarettes are completely reusable. Simply swap out the cartridge inside the cigarette when it's done. This is more convenient than standard cigarettes because a cartridge contains as much nicotine as an entire pack of regular cigarettes.


Electronic cigarette cartridges are available in varying levels of nicotine content, all the way down to 0mg. For someone who is attempting to quit smoking, this allows them to gradually scale back the nicotine content until they reach 0. Many users of electronic cigarettes have reported overall savings versus conventional cigarettes. Because electronic cigarettes are reusable, it is not necessary to pay for unnecessary packaging, wrapping, filters, and paper when you purchase a refill kit. There is also no need for ashtrays filled with cigarette butts in your home, office, or automobile! For anyone who is attempting to cut down on their smoking, or who simply wants to find a more conscious way to enjoy smoking, electronic cigarettes are definitely the most logical choice on the market today.

Smokeless Cigarettes - The Smart Way to Smoke

Blu Cigs are the most incredible stop smoking product to hit the market in this year. Also known as electronic cigarettes, which from what customers say produces a similar taste and feeling as smoking actual cigarettes without the odor, mess or social stigmas. If you are thinking about quitting smoking a viable alternative to patches or mints are Blu Cigs. It almost sounds too good to be true but the results are undeniable. Get your nicotine fix without the fuss and save money while you do it!

How Do Blu Cigs Work?
The electronic cigarettes by Blu Cig are amazing because they look, feel and taste like the real thing. In fact when I smoke in public some people actually think I’m smoking real cigarettes. Blu Cigs actually do contain nicotine, but you can choose your desired strength from mild to wild (0mg to 16mg) and a variety of flavors are also available. Personally I like the Tobacco flavor the best but you can also take your pick from Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, or Menthol.

Blu Cigs are comprised of basically two parts, the flavor cartridge and atomizer. The flavor cartridge contains the “juice” that turns in to vapor when you puff. The atomizer holds the rechargeable battery and “burns” the “juice” to produce the vapor smoke. This process is highly technical but very simple to use because of a two piece design. If you can change a light bulb you can use Blu Cigs. All you have to do screw the flavor cartridge to the Atomizer and puff away, it’s that simple.

I can tell you from personal experience as an ex-smoker and from writing this Blu Cigs review that they really do simulate a real cigarette. First the size and feel is authentic with the only difference being the slightly heavier weight. When you take a drag you can hear the “burn” just like when you drag a real cigarette. Then you taste the smoke and feel it filling your lungs giving you the same sensation as a real cigarette. The exhale is almost identical with the smoke passing over your lips and filling the air. The only difference is its not smoke that contains carbon dioxide and 100’s of other chemicals. All you are inhaling are vaporized water (steam), nicotine, natural & artificial flavors, USP Glycerin, and citric acid.

How Much do Blu Cigs Cost?
Blucigs are reasonably priced with the original starter kit that includes everything you need to get started for only $69.95. If you want the premium kit that includes a “social feature” that alerts you when other Blu Cig smokers are in the area plan on spending $79.95.  Cartridge refills cost around $10 depending how many you buy at once with a discount for buying 4 or more packs at a time. Keep in mind that each pack contains 5 cartridges with each cartridge lasts about the same as a pack of cigarettes. Basically you are talking about the equivalent of 5 packs of cigarettes for around 10 bucks!  For about the same price as a carton of traditional cigarettes you can switch to Blu Cigs.

What are the Benefits of Blu Cigs?

  • No more smelly clothes and yellow teeth.
  • Smoke almost anywhere including bars, airports or sporting events.
  • No dangerous second hand smoke.

It’s becoming harder and harder to find a place where you can smoke without being fined. Moreover most of the places where you wish to smoke are banned for smoking. So, you can’t smoke traditional cigarettes if you are in an air plane or if you are in a restaurant or in your own office. So, that way you are compromising with your smoking sensation. You may not give yourself nicotine when it asks for it, because unfortunately you can be in a smoke free zone.

But, don’t worry, the solution is vapor cigarettes. These devices are not considered under banned categories. You can have the complete satisfaction of smoking, tastes same as conventional cigarettes. But the great part is when you smoke an electronic cigarette, no one can notice it. If someone is sitting beside you while you are smoking can’t notice it until you exert the smoke on his face. So, now you can smoke anytime anywhere you like.
Electronic cigarette is also known as vapor cigarette. It has three basic parts-a rechargeable battery, atomizer and a nicotine cartridge.


The atomizer converts the nicotine into vapor and the smoke that is produced is odorless, vanishes rapidly before noticing. The vapor contains only nicotine, water and glycol- a harmless alcohol. These are not harmful for you and for your environment. The battery powers the whole unit. On the other hand, traditional cigarettes produce hazardous by-products like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, magnesium, tar, carcinogens etc.

Electronic cigarettes have become popular among medical experts. As they only give you only nicotine and no tobacco. Nicotine itself is less harmful than caffeine. You can have nicotine cartridges down to 0 mg. This may also help you if you are thinking to give up smoking. It leaves no yellow strain on your teeth. You won’t have to face oral problems. Always people who smoke traditional cigarettes smell like an ash tray. But smokeless cigarette has met these problems. It doesn’t leave any bad smell on your clothes, car and body.

Electronic cigarettes are economical compared to traditional ones. A nicotine cartridge contains nicotine as much as of full packet cigarette. When the cartridge runs out you only have to change the cartridge and you won’t have to pay extra for wrapping, packing like in conventional cigarettes. There are many cartridges found in the market with different nicotine levels and different tastes. You can choose your one from them.

A smokeless cigarette gives you the complete satisfaction of smoking. And if you switch to electronic cigarettes, you can smoke it anywhere anytime. You can keep yourself sound as well as your surroundings. So don’t wait just go and purchase one.  


- Have you ever dreamed of smoking in a more healthy, or quit?

The electronic cigarette is safer, cheaper and healthier and can also help you quit smoking if you wish. The electronic cigarette is an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Can smoke anywhere in an advanced way without disturbing others, as the smoke that emerges is not harmful to health. The electronic cigarette is a discovery of high evaporation and micro technology powered by a rechargeable battery.


With traditional cigarettes you absorb many substances, toxic and carcinogenic additive, such as tar and carbon monoxide. The electronic cigarette looks like a traditional cigarette because of their appearance, like a traditional cigarette smoke, but only provides nicotine, flavor, aroma and smoke (steam). NOT contain more additives or harmful substances (carcinogens) in your lungs.


    Smoked where smoking is not a traditional cigarette.
    Do not bother anyone in your environment, no more smoke.
    No additives, carcinogens such as tar and carbon monoxide.
    No teeth and fingers yellow.
    No ashtrays full.
    No bad smells in your home or office.
    No burns.
    Quitting smoking and enjoying undisturbed secondary at a time.
    Up to 60% cheaper ( 20 traditional cigarettes).

The electronic cigarette is smoked in a manner similar to a traditional cigarette. It looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette and delivers all the pleasures of smoking, avoiding all the drawbacks. The secret that makes it better than traditional smoking is what is inside this revolutionary new product.

The non-flammable Electronic Cigarette is driven by modern microelectronic technology. A small rechargeable battery and a single, safe replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a flavor that mimics the smell of snuff. None of these ingredients are considered cancer-causing agents.

The traditional cigarettes usually contain snuff, nicotine, glue and paper, which at the time you turn it on, along with hundreds of additives, harm nearly every organ of the body and cause cancer, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

When using the electronic cigarette, when inhaled and smoking calms us touch and get the craving satisfactions traditional smokers seek, triggers a process of vaporization resulting in smoke that is actually a vapor mist that harmlessly evaporates into the air in a few seconds.

The electronic cigarette contains nicotine, but none of the carcinogenic substances of snuff. The smoke is steam that tastes like snuff for its aroma and flavor.

The electronic cigarette looks like a normal cigarette. Smoking changes the deposits of nicotine can choose between: zero, low, medium and high. Zero deposits do not contain nicotine, but they smell and taste to snuff.

Inside is a compartment for a lithium battery, an electronic circuit for the dosage of nicotine and a light burning in disguise.
A vaporizer that produces steam and smoke containing nicotine.
If inhaled, a red light at the front end of the device indicates that nicotine is dissolving into smoke and gives the appearance of a common cigarette.
In warehouses of nicotine is nicotine solution, flavor and aroma to snuff it evaporates and is released inhaling. The smoker gives the impression of smoking a real cigarette.

Keep smoking, without disturbing their environment.


Warning: The electronic cigarette has no carcinogens or tar, and is far less dangerous to health, the WHO also recommends it. You can reduce or increase the nicotine content, but it is advisable to eat little. Nicotine damages the heart, blood pressure and coronary heart attacks can cause.

The electronic cigarette is not appropriate for children and adolescents under 18 years who have an allergy to nicotine, pregnant and lactating women.

Electronic cigarettes do not require combustion and smokeless. However, they are subject to social and legal debate about whether it is correct "on" in places where traditional forms are prohibited from smoking. Despite large differences between cigarettes and electronic versions, several states, institutions and places of the country have explicitly included electronic cigarettes in their prohibitions.

Some have made it clear that electronic cigarettes, battery-operated, should not be banned. Others are reforming the laws on the consumption of snuff to include them.

Electronic cigarettes are plastic and metal devices that heat a solution of nicotine in a disposable cartridge, releasing steam that is inhaled by users. Some users call this practice "vaporize" instead of smoking. Some electronic cigarettes are similar to those of snuff, as they have a light at the tip, which glows as if lit with fire.

It is unclear what risks faced by nonsmokers who breathe vapor electronic cigarette. That vapor is composed mostly of water, but looks like smoke. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English) has noted that their analysis found that the liquid contained in some electronic cigarette nicotine plus toxin, as well as carcinogenic compounds normally found in the snuff.

But no one has studied the vapors could be inhaled unintentionally by those nearby.

Some public health experts say that even for consumers, the level of carcinogens was comparable to that found nicotine replacement therapy, such as inhalers, because the nicotine in all products are removed from the snuff.

Fans of electronic cigarettes are considered a way to break their addiction to snuff. They insist that the devices serve both nicotine addiction and behavioral aspects of smoking-related holding the cigarette, inhaling and exhaling smoke and something that seems to move his hands, without introducing into your body the more than 4,000 chemicals that contain cigarettes.

Industry estimates indicate that sales of the devices and accessories in the United States total between 200 and 250 million dollars a year.

But consumers of electronic cigarettes are treated in the traditional smoking when they want to "vaporize" and asked to do so in places where smoking is prohibited.

New Jersey is the only state that specifically prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes, in the same places where smoking is not allowed snuff. Some local governments have banned this new habit under the terms of their laws to avoid smoke in enclosed spaces.

But in Virginia, Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, wrote an opinion in which he stated that because of that electronic cigarettes do not burn snuff, "the vapors given off by them do not fall into this definition" under the law.

"The whole purpose of a ban on smoking is to protect people from smoke and no smoke emitted from electronic cigarettes," said Elaine Keller, vice president of Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, a nonprofit organization and based in Alabama that works to ensure that alternatives are available for smokers.

The group notes that it has received funding from companies that produce electronic cigarettes.

"Your nose will tell you if someone smokes or not ... and your eyes as long as you get near enough," he added.

Some consumers of electronic cigarettes have even resorted to "vaporize secret," a method that retains the steam in your mouth long enough to dissipate or exhale it discreetly.

However, the American nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, an organization that has helped states and cities to outline laws bans on snuff, includes electronic cigarettes in its model legislation, due to concerns about whether these devices are safe.

"We create serious health concerns. We do not know what is in the vapor or the content of this electronic cigarette, "said Cynthia Hallett, CEO of the American nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. "The good news is that more research is underway ... Maybe we learn more and if it turns out that these cigarettes are safe, we need to rethink things."

However, he said, to permit their use in places where smoking is prohibited, electronic cigarettes should be not only safer, but would have found that "no harm".

In April, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA for short) announced its plans to regulate electronic cigarettes as snuff products, instead of placing them under stricter regulations for devices used to administer drugs. The news was considered a victory for manufacturers and distributors of the devices.

Hallett also said that because the devices look similar to real cigarettes, is confusing and difficult to enforce bans on snuff.

"Actually, this makes no sense," said Ray Story, CEO of the Electronic Cigarette Vapor Tobacco Association and head of the electronic cigarette maker Want Vape, referring to the banning of these devices.

Allowing electronic cigarettes in the workplace would also possible to save millions of dollars in employee productivity, who would not have to leave the office to smoke, said Story.

And Keller, who regularly use your electronic cigarette on a bowling alley in northern Virginia and in other public places, said that being able to "vaporize" in places where regular cigarettes are allowed is a "powerful incentive to prefer a habit that can save lives. "

After smoking cigarettes for about 45 years, Phillips said the electronic versions have helped him leave the snuff, after numerous unsuccessful attempts with nicotine patches and drugs.

"I have not smoked a single cigarette in almost two years," he said. "How can anyone be against that?"

Currently cheap electronic cigarettes can be found on the web. If you look hard enough, you can find cheap electronic cigarettes a website specializing in the sale and production of electronic cigarettes.

But there are some points that will need to look first to start searching for cigarettes cheap electronics. This article will give some tips on what to take into account so that you do not buy a cheap electronic cigarette that is broken in 2-3 weeks.

Electronic cigarettes are cheap these days common. You can see photos of electronic cigarettes all over the web at very low prices. When buying a cheap electronic cigarette you will notice they have a relatively low price compared with other brands.

These e-cigarettes come from manufacturers who do not have good production lines, there are no checks to electronic cigarettes, and worst of all, most of the cheap electronic cigarettes on the market today are followers of the major manufacturers of electronic cigarettes.

Here are some telltale signs of cheap electronic cigarette companies will have to consider when buying your cigarettes cheap cheap electronics because they can be expensive.

- You can always see a cheap electronic cigarette company from its website. A cheap looking web site without much content will be easily a cheap electronic cigarette company that will break within weeks.

- If the company shows its electronic cigarette electronic cigarettes cheap web site, check to see if they own logo and have the products. If you merely say cheap and good electronic cigarette and has no marks or logos be very careful because these companies are not legit.

- Always check for a customer service or phone number to call. There are electronic cigarette companies do not want you to talk to them when their cheap electronic cigarette breaks or breaks. A real company will give granti spare their products.

Taking all these factors into account when choosing a high quality electronic cigarette electronic cigarette and not a cheap and of poor quality and so quit and caring heart and your pocket.

Sometimes you may not be worth it to buy cigarettes cheap electronics when you know you can break the product at any time. As the old saying goes, sometimes you get what you pay for and it's really true. Go with a trusted brand with good customer service and warranty program is the best option.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarette Information

1. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. Instead, it is a plastic device that is actuated by the user breathing in. The device then injects minute beads of nicotine into the flowing airwave, inducing them to vaporise. The device also adds propylene glycol, a moisturizer that is often found in toothpastes and mouthwashes. This aids make a simulation of the smoke from a conventional cigarette, making it feel a lot more like real smoking.

2. Electronic cigarettes are not proven to help people quit smoking and aren’t marketed for this function. Nonetheless, producers can bring out a range of electronic cigarettes with varied levels of nicotine. This means people trying to cut down on a nicotine habituation can gradually reduce the levels they take without being held back by the habit of ‘lighting up’ a particular number of times each day.


3. A single electronic cigarette can last practically forever as the nicotine solution comes in a expendable cartridge (which usually lasts for several hundred drags). The mechanism is powered by a rechargeable battery, which also powers a coloured LED at the tip to simulate a real burning cigarette.


4. An electronic cigarette doesn’t make any odor, and the ‘smoke’ it creates is harmless vapour (besides the nicotine the smoker inhales) and doesn’t irritate the eyes. This signifies a smoker utilising the device can take part in natural social actions without engendering or annoying other people. There’s also no unpleasant waste from cigarette butts.


5. Electronic cigarettes are available in traditional tobacco flavour, but also in menthol, apple and various other versions.


6. Tobacco Users in the United Kingdom have used the device to get around bans on smoking in enclosed public places. The well-known Chinawhite nightclub in Soho let its guests to use an electronic cigarette rather than go out on to the street for a conventional smoke.


7. The Daily Mail newspaper tried out the device in 2007 on bar-goers in Notting Hill. One woman said “I miss not being able to drink and smoke on a night out. This is a great solution. It’s elegant and easy to hold and it doesn’t make your hands smell like a normal cigarette does.” And her male companion added “I believe it could become popular. Smokers would do anything to have a cigarette at a table rather than go outside.” The couple later shot to ‘fame’ as Big Brother contestants Rex Newmark and Nicole Cammack!


8. Using an electronic cigarette can be substantially cheaper than smoking the true thing. A single cartridge gives approximately the same amount of ‘smoking’ as a standard pack of cigarettes but can be as much as six times less expensive. That’s partly because you don’t have to pay for all the tar, tobacco and paper which you normally purchase and then literally send up in smoke!


9. While containing less harmful substances, the nicotine content of electronic cigarettes means they are not to be sold to minors. It’s also recommended that pregnant women do not use the device, and that anyone with health concerns checks out with a doctor first off.