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After being a regular cigarette smoker for over 20 years I decided to try smokeless cigarettes. At first it was a very strange transistion. It was a case of needing to conquer what I considered a normal way to have a smoke. After giving myself a few weeks to adjust I became incredibly impressed with the form and function of smokeless cigarettes. I have used many different kinds of smokeless cigarettes on the market. I find that most are very suitable. It's all about the strength of each individual brand. Some are more suited for my taste than others. I smoked straight filtered cigarettes, not the light ones, so I was used to stronger nicotine flavor. I had to find a way to get my nicotine without having to leave the complex that I work at. They had banned all smoking, even in the parking lot. This was the best solution for my problem. Once I was able to go outside to the lunch area of our complex, I would satisfy that terrible need for a cigarette. And when I returned to my desk, I did not smell like I had just smoked. It has been a great thing for me. The stress of being one of the only smokers at my job, is completely gone.

-Nancy from WPB Florida

Smokeless Cigarettes, as suggested by the very name, enable you to enjoy your smoke wherever and whenever you feel like and do not create a dent in your pocket or are hazardous to your health. Smokeless Cigarettes do not spoil your looks like darkening your lips or coating your gums with tar like regular cigarettes do. In other words, they are real good alternative for those who are health and beauty conscious and at the same time would like to relish their puff, without inviting nasty glares from the onlookers. These cigarettes are becoming popular among those who, for some reason, are unable to kick their smoking habit. Smokeless Cigarettes are far less expensive than regular cigarettes while providing your body with the nicotine it desires, but you do not suffer from the harmful effects of other constituents in a regular cigarette. Though Smokeless Cigarettes might resemble and feel like a regular cigarette, there is no accompanying fire, tobacco, carbon monoxide, ash or smell. The body of Smokeless Cigarettes consists of three parts, a cartridge for the nicotine, an atomizer and a tiny battery to use the product. When you inhale, the cigarettes glow red at the tip like all normal cigarettes do. The atomizer releases smoky vapor every time you inhale, giving you the satisfaction and sensation of a regular cigarette.

-Mark from Carbon PA

If you a smoker and you want to enjoy smoking without breaking any rules, there is great news for you. The new smokeless cigarettes which are now easily available in the market. The concept behind these  cigarettes is that they are battery operated and do not emit carbon monoxide, nicotine and other harmful chemicals except little water vapours. Currently, this has become a help for thousands of smokers to flock in the pubs where government has imposed ban on smoking. Even it is a great way to save your friends and family from passive smoking. Some manufacturers claim that harmful effect of smoke on various parts of the body such as lungs, heart etc. is a reduced dramatically. Many people still feel that such cigarettes will not give them the kind of feeling they get from normal cigarettes, however that’s a misconception now. Smokeless cigarettes do address the lifestyle needs of smoker without disturbing others. So now you can be an environment friendly person by using such cigarettes and not only that, it will also not cost enough to your pocket. Use it anywhere you want, be it a beach, restaurant, pubs, airports without compromising on your lifestyle. -Randy from Memphis, TN

Smokeless cigarettes is a new and innovative product which doesn't interfere in the traditional physical process of having a cigarette, but curtails its negative aspects such as smoke, smell, and disturbance to the people standing near by. Inspite of being an electronic device, it gives the user the same pleasure of having a same old traditional cigarette, as it uses the original nicotine in the vapour form, but they are free of ash, flame, CO, carcinogens and many other side effects. And ultimately studies prove that the smokeless cigarettes help in controlling the increasing number of cancer patients all around the globe. It is also good thinking that it helps in protecting our world for further being polluted. It also has a big advantage of being flavored with the fancies of the smoker. Most of the countries are already in promotion of the product, but needs confirmation from their research and development team. So in short the smokeless cigarette helps people enjoy life economically and healthier, in addition to save other people around him from the being shot by passive smoking. It also allows chain smokers to control their addiction to traditional harmful cigarettes and allows them to take this smokeless cigarettes anywhere they want without the fear of being fined.

-Janish from Almi Mi

Smokers Rejoice, There is a Legal Alternative to Smoking Bans That Satisfies Your Nicotine Cravings, the Electric Cigarette! Everyday a new city, county, or entire state adds restrictions on where a person can legally smoke a cigarette. This makes it not only inconvenient for a smoker to go to the designated area; it also causes the smoker to feel like an outcast. Thankfully technology has come to the smoker’s rescue in the form of the electric cigarette. Now smokers can fully satisfy their desire for that taste and rush that only a cigarette can bring without bothering those around them. The electric cigarette looks feels and tastes just like the real thing, but leaves out the harmful tar and second hand smoke that some people find offensive. The premier manufacturer and distributor for these modern marvels is Electric Cigarettes Inc. They offer two product lines: the Vapor KingTM and Duo ProTM each offer advantages tailored to different smoker’s wants and needs. The products is in the patented nicotine cartridges with built in atomizers called cartomizers that give the smoker the taste, feel, and satisfaction regular smoking brings. These replaceable cartridges come in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavors allowing the smoker to find just the right one to fulfill that want. Smokers can even buy the nicotine juice to refill the cartridges or to create their own personal blend. Best of all, it’s not illegal to use the electric cigarettes in restaurants, bars or even at work. -Kelly from Tampa

Smokeless cigarettes are a product that can positively change a smoker’s life. Smokeless cigarettes look, feel, taste and seems like a real cigarette but it doesn’t contain the unhealthy smoke, tar or tobacco. Smokeless cigarettes are a great alternative for people who smoke because it is healthier and much cheaper than real cigarettes. Also, there is a possibility, that they could also help those who would like to quit smoking without using expensive products that claim to help smokers quit and smokers can avoid quitting cold turkey. One part of the smoking habit is the actual “act” of smoking. Smokers not only crave the additives in a cigarette but they also crave the act of smoking. With the smokeless cigarette, smokers will still feel like they are smoking because of the shape and because they will be inhaling and exhaling vapor mist which will look and feel like smoke. Smokeless cigarettes do contain liquid nicotine. This liquid is what actually produces the vapor that is inhaled and exhaled. The nicotine liquid is placed in the smokeless cigarette by the smoker as needed. The smoker has several flavors and strengths to choose from. The smoker can choose between high, medium, low and non-nicotine. -Ann from SC


Never again will you have to become irritated with a lack of flame (lighter or matches) with the newest invention for smokers, the smokeless cigarette. A default of other cigarettes is the smell left to linger by the smoke. Say goodbye to that problem! With smokeless cigarettes no smoke is emitted from the device and you can get your nicotine fix without that nasty smell. Smoking is an expensive habit, and why should you settle for buying some generic cigarettes that taste like absolute crap when technology has made smokeless cigarettes available to you? The electronic cigarette gives you a more honest smoking experience while erasing any irritation from second hand effects. Many places have begun to ban cigarette smoking, however the smokeless cigarette goes not fall under that ban so you may enjoy it where regular smokers can not, it's the law! With this product the amount of your nicotine expense will go down to seventy-five cents a pack. Are you even looking to stop smoking? The smokeless cigarette contains about one third of the regular amount of nicotine available in regular cigarettes. That means no more sick stomachs from a nicotine overload or even getting lightheaded you can say goodbye to! -Lina from Charlotte


I really need to quit smoking cigarettes and want to try these electronic cigarettes so badly. They seem no different to me than using Nicorette or some other smoking cessation method. They just give you the nicotine, no tobacco. But what’s so cool to me is that they let you keep the habit of smoking still. That’s the hardest part to break. I think you could reduce your nicotine addiction and wait to focus on the act of smoking. Reduce your nicotine slowly until you’re down to no nicotine. Then try to cut back the “smoking.” So many people, including me, have tried to quit smoking cold turkey or by using the patch or lozenges. But none of those let you keep your habit while getting rid of the unhealthy drug. Once you’ve reduced your nicotine addiction, then you can focus on getting rid of the habit of smoking. These electronic cigarettes are the perfect solution! The Duo Pro looks really realistic and they say it feels so real too. The price is nothing, too, if you compare it to a lifetime of smoking. And once you add in the cost of getting cancer it’s so worth it to at least try. It may seem like a lot of money at first. But I live in Hollywood where cigarettes are up to $7 a pack. So the $55 for the starter kit is what I’d spend in just over a week of smoking. I can’t wait to try it. - Brett from Hollywood


When I first heard about electronic cigarettes, I did not really believe that they could replace regular cigarettes. And then I saw one of my close friends using one right after lunch. She would normally smoke a regular cigarette after lunch. I decided to give them a try. After all, she was a chain smoker like me and she replaced regular cigarettes with electronic ones. I ordered an electronic cigarette online and started using it. The result is amazing. After the second day I have already forgotten about my smoke cigarettes. The advantages are countless. You do not need to buy a pack everyday. You do not run out of cigarettes every once in a while. You are not taking the risk of being cancer. And the best part of it all is that you could smoke anywhere you want. When I was smoking regular cigarettes, I had a lot of difficulty when I went to a bar or a restaurant with my friends. I was suffering when I am inside the place because I could not smoke and I was missing a considerable part of the fun as I needed to go outside every once in a while to smoke. Furthermore, in cold winter days I was suffering from cold when I was smoking outside. I strongly recommend electronic cigarettes to everyone who are suffering from similar things or just want to take a step towards quitting. -Leon from Denver


After smoking cigarettes for almost 15 years I wanted to quit but pills and patches never worked. I missed that sensation of smoke filling my lungs and the taste after my morning coffee. I decided to give the electronic cigarettes a try and let me tell you they are everything that they say they are and more! The flavor and feeling holding the cig are a little different then my normal brand but the buzz you get is fantastic. Now my wife doesn’t mind kissing me because my breath doesn’t smell like cigarettes anymore. Great products! –Jim from Philadelphia PA

 I smoke Marlboro reds and at almost $50 bucks per carton my habit costs me over $200 per month especially when I got out drinking. I bought the deluxe electronic cigarette kit for around $150 and feel it was money well spent. I haven’t quit smoking normal ciggs just yet but I cut down to a carton per month rather then each week. I would say if you want to stop smoking this might be a good product to try. -Tex from Atlanta GA

Electronic cigarettes or e-cig as they are called are an innovative product that gives you the same pleasure you get from inhaling the nicotine loaded cigarettes. An electronic version has no tobacco and thus none of the health risks that real cigarettes have. Best of all they do not fall under the smoking ban so you can legally smoke them literally anywhere. This will save you money in the long run. After the purchase of the starter kit the cost to you is approximately two dollars per pack as opposed to the rising prices of traditional cigarettes. If you purchase the self fill cartridges you can reduce your cost down to approximately seventy five cents per pack. Great care in quality production is followed and the use of the latest up to date technology available coupled with the best components on the market will give you the best product on the market as compared to the competition. The cigarette works on two lithium batteries which typically will last a day before having to be charged. Of course this depends on how often you smoke one. Thousand of people have already tried the electronic cigarette and given it rave reviews. If you’re a smoker get on the band wagon and get rid of the cost and health dangers associated with traditional cigarettes. You won’t regret it. -Mike from Atlanta

Electronic cigarettes are an exciting new alternative to harmful tobacco products. Users of electronic cigarettes are spared harmful tar and chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes, and are offered a very wide variety of devices and flavors that will suit any smoker’s tastes. While electronic cigarettes come in many form factors, most common designs are made up of a battery, and atomizer and a cartridge, that connect together to create a device that looks and feels very much like a traditional cigarette. The battery provides power for the device, and typically contains a LED that simulates the burning “cherry” of a traditional cigarette. These batteries are easily recharged, and can provide hours of smoking on a single charge. The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that converts the liquid in the cartridge into a smoke-like vapor. It should be noted that this vapor is essentially steam, and is odorless, won’t cause stains, and is harmless to both the smoker and “second-hand” folks. Fially, the cartridge contains a liquid that contains a flavoring agent, as well as nicotine, if desired. These cartridges can have traditional tobacco-like flavors, or more exotic flavors, like cherry or cola. A single cartridge can provide as much “smoke” a an entire pack of traditional cigarettes. This makes electronic cigarettes safer, healthier, less expensive and more convenient then a traditional cigarette. -Pete from Raleigh

Cigarettes are not used as freely as they once were. Modern awareness of the dangers of smoking, and of secondhand smoke, mean that no one smokes in offices or restaurants anymore, and that more people than ever are trying to find ways to reduce their smoking. Electronic cigarettes are a solution that many of these people turn to. Electronic cigarettes look and feel like regular cigarettes, and they deliver nicotine into your bloodstream by inhaling on them. However, they are smoke-free products and therefore do not produce some of the harmful effects of burning nicotine. They can be used in the office or a restaurant when nicotine is needed but cigarettes cannot be smoked. Electronic cigarettes are essentially small personal vaporizers. When you inhale a small heating element heats up a liquid solution containing nicotine, vaporizing it to be inhaled out of the end of the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). The sensation is just like inhaling smoke from a regular cigarette, and the vapor is flavored too. Some e-cigarettes are flavored like regular cigarette smoke, others come in different flavors, like fruit. Most e-cigarettes have an LED in the tip, so that it glows like a regular cigarette when it is drawn on. There are a wide variety of e-cigarettes available, many with special features to enhance the pleasure of using them. The Vapor King 510, for instance, has a special atomizer that is built in such a way as to warm the vapor, making it seem even more like smoking a standard cigarette. It also has a manual control for the heating element so that you control exactly how long it operates for. This gives you more or less nicotine, as you like. The Duo Pro features disposable atomizers that allow more vapor to be produced and for greater ease of operation. It is also colored to look just like a standard cigarette. If you enjoy smoking but can't always smoke when you want to, then chances are that e-cigarettes have a product for you. -Jane from Mentor Ohio

Virginia Slims is my brand and usually smoke about half pack per day. I tried to quit several times using the mints and patch with no luck. After buying the vapor electronic cigarette I was able to go three weeks (so far) without lighting up regular smokes. My clothes smell better, my car smells better and my whitening tooth paste is actually working this time! I feel great and still get to enjoy the feeling of that nicotine buzz I crave. -Ann from Delaware


The smokeless cigarette has exploded onto the American scene with a bang heard all through the tobacco industry. The tobacco cessation pharmaceutical business is reeling also. The smokeless cigarette provides the smoker with a flame less, less expensive alternative to regular smoking with variable options for nicotine strength. This translates into a sizable market share of the smoking public as more and more community areas ban regular smoking and business after business pressures their workers to quit the habit. The smokeless cigarette provides smokers with an alternative that does not produce second hand smoke hazards, fire hazards, or cancer risks. At the same time they cut deeply into the tobacco cessation market pushed by Big Pharma by providing another choice for the beleaguered smoker. All electronic alternatives to real cigarettes operate in about the same manner. There is an atomizer, a mouthpiece, a rechargeable battery and a set of circuitry that controls the mechanism. The smoker then purchases refills of a selected nicotine strength of his choice to refill the atomizer. These refills are available all over the internet and generally cost much less to use than standard cigarettes saving the smoker a considerable amount of money over a years time. The electronic cigarette may have two or three distinct parts holding the above components depending on the manufacturer, but they all generally operate roughly in the same manner. The vapor produced looks like smoke but does not smell and is not harmful to others in the room. Smokers seem to easily adapt to using the electronic cigarette and get a similar amount of pleasure from their use as from traditional cigarettes. Some even state that the electronic version is helping them on their journey to quitting the habit altogether if they so desire.

-Doug from Allenwood  NJ

Electronic cigarettes are a help to mankind. Let's welcome them and say bye-bye to the dangerous cigarettes, we have been smoking all these years. Lets face the fact, everyone who smokes, knows the consequences of it. It is dangerous for the smoker as well as the people around him. Then why not switch to something that is not at all risky, as well gives the same pleasure, like a regular cigarette. People smoke for pleasure. The dangerous fumes that come out of a normal cigarette can be dangerous for them and others. If one uses an electronic cigarette, he/she gets the same physical sensation as the normal one. The best part of using this electronic cigarette is that the pleasure comes with zero% fumes. Isn't that good! It is said to be perfect for a person who plans to quit smoking. Apart from all these, it also saves money, as it is a one time investment. The nicotine cartridges can also be refilled very easily. It just seems to be a perfect choice. This nicotine solution is available in many flavors as caramel, menthol or even regular tobacco flavor. It is a perfect replacement for the dangerous cigarette. I would definitely give it 5 stars.

-Fakhry from Easley SC